• Desing
    Every corporate image requires a specialized design that reflects its own identity.
    NR Desing NR Design has a team of experts in the field of design and creativity.

    We want to be your design and communication agency because:
    We want to have the opportunity to improve and create an integrated design for your company.

    We understand the importance of creating the appropriate logo and slogan for every company.

    We are experts in communicating what you need to say in different mediums, including printing stationery,
    brochures, presentations, newsletters and content development.

    We have the vision to understand and solve a project.
    We are confident of giving the perfect gift to your customers.
  • Social Media

    We focus on targeted messages on social media platforms based on the behavior and interests that promote their relevance, reputation and motivates activation.

    NR Social Media implements a methodology that makes effective the communication strategy through social networks.

    Meet the needs of your customers and adopt this technology as part of your growth strategy.

    Many companies worldwide use new communication mechanisms.

    Now is the time to change, because:

    The new way to communicate is here to stay.
    The new communication strategy is present in social networks.
    The new communication tool to move forward.

  • Events
    Each and every event that you do for your company takes time and effort from your staff.

    NR Eventos NR Events takes care of the development and production of your events in the following areas:

    Primary Communication Concept.
    General organization and logistics.
    Product launch.
    Client capacitation.
    Team integration.

    Take advantage of the many opportunities that exist to keep alive the communication with your customers. Show the innovation of the products and/or services you offer, as well as the strength of your company.

  • ¬†Multimedia
    Many elements show the strength of your company: a product and/or a message to follow through elements that have a visual support. There are no limits.

    NR Multimedia NR Multimedia is the best option to develop and showcase the content of information in a visually attractive way.

    We use:

    Flash animation.
    Video concepts.
    Entire information through an interactive way.
    Dreams and fantasy on 3D.


  • WEB

    We offer:

    Requirement analysis.
    Content development.
    Several hosting options.
    Planning of layout.
    Translation from Spanish to English.

    Ensure effective communication on the Internet.

    Create high response advertising campaigns, focused on your sales objectives. 
    Get Search engine optimization (SEO) with your website plan.
    Update information, design and functionalities of your website.
    NR Web Alternatives
    Building an ideal website depends mainly on the knowledge and clarity of its objective.
    The advice of an expert on the subject makes easier to choose and determine the best way forward.

    NR Web NR Web is involved 100% in developing the ideal site for your company.
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